100 дубльепт 1 - Charter fleet

Working with trusted operators around the world, our team of specialists will offer you the best flight conditions

down - Charter fleet

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IMGP3340 3 - Charter fleet

This group represents regular aviation aircraft converted for the needs of private clients. Exceptional space, unique layouts and materials, full beds, showers, variety of separate areas and offices – you will feel right at home or in the office even on long flights.

fleet2 1 - Charter fleet

This group of aircrafts is designed for comfortable short flights. The height of the cabin and luggage hold volume is comparable to those of a car.

fleet3 1 - Charter fleet

This group of aircraft is designed for medium-range flights, offering passengers greater comfort and range as they increase in size.

HEAVY AIRCRAFT мини - Charter fleet

This group of aircraft allows you to travel around the world with luxury, having in the arsenal a proper reserve of flight range. The spacious passenger cabin convertible into sleeper seats and a roomy luggage hold allow you to travel with friends and partners, having under your hand almost everything you need

LONG HAUL мини - Charter fleet

This group of aircrafts allows passengers not to think about compromises, making non-stop flights up to 14 hours long. Anywhere in the world with a maximum of one landing!