This group represents regular aviation aircraft converted for the needs of private clients. Exceptional space, unique layouts and materials, full beds, showers, variety of separate areas and offices – you will feel right at home or in the office even on long flights.

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AIRBUS A 319 CJ - A319CJ Corporate Jetliner

A319CJ Corporate Jetliner is a long-haul passenger aircraft based on Airbus A319 medium-haul passenger aircraft. Airbus A319CJ is a business jet equipped for more luxurious transportation of only 39 passengers (in fact, the aircraft cabin has a single-class layout and represents the first class). Additional fuel tanks and an improved on-board electronics system increase the flight range for this modification up to 11,100 km. The cruising speed is 870 km/h.



3.6 m³


Rectangle 631 1 - A320 Airbus Corporate

A320 Airbus Corporate Jet is a narrow-bodied business jet. This model is a modification of A320 civil aircraft. Thanks to advanced noise-canceling technology, ACJ320 has an incredibly quiet cabin, perfect for a relaxing flight and arriving at your destination refreshed. Airbus A320 CO is designed for carrying up to 25 VIP passengers. The cruising speed is 850 km/h.



3.6 m³


AIRBUS A318 ELITE 1 - Airbus A318 Elite

Airbus A318 Elite is developed on the basis of A318 passenger aircraft. Airbus A318 Elite is designed for carrying up to 18 VIP passengers. For the convenience of the passengers, the cabin has a recreation room, a living room, a bedroom, a private office and a meeting room.



17.6 m³


AIRBUS ACJ340 - Airbus A340

Airbus A340 is a long-haul wide-bodied passenger aircraft developed by Airbus SAS. In addition to the increased capacity, this aircraft also offers customers an increased range, allowing non-stop flights around the world.



153.9 m³


4 - Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is a high-comfort passenger aircraft developed by the American company Boeing on the basis of the Boeing Next-Generation 737-700 medium-range passenger aircraft.



20.4 m³