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Aircraft managent

Our experience of many years and detailed knowledge of pricing allow us to offer you cost reduction as for aircraft exploitation.

Arius guarantee full transparency in the relationship between the owner and the operator in such important aspects as exploitation, costs and control.

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Cost reduction

Our experience of many years and detailed knowledge of pricing allow us to offer you cost reduction as for aircraft exploitation.

No unreasonable expenses anymore. By transferring aircrafts to Arius management, the owners observe an important reduction of costs provided by a range of management decisions including:

• Own staff of engineers and technicians providing a due and timely servicing and maintenance. No abusive practice commonly arising under subcontractor agreements;

• Direct contracts with aviation maintenance centers all over the world;

• Direct contracts with many airports, which means low prices and best conditions for basing your aircraft at the airports;

• Direct contracts with fuel companies to save on fuel;

• Commercial use of aircrafts permitting the owners to dramatically reduce exploitation costs;

• No disbursement fees for third parties’ bills;

• No subscription fee for Concierge services;

• and many more.

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For an aircraft management Arius cooperates with international handling agents of confirmed reputation, which meet all the standards. Key criteria for choosing partners are level of expertise, security, confidentiality and prices.

Arius carries out a full audit of aircraft maintenance and analyzes all the details of its acquisition providing legal and technical assistance for the contract.

Arius is registered under T7 prefix, which allows to evade bureaucracy when recruiting crew (such as nationality requirements, etc.) and to lawfully pay taxes and bear corresponding expenses.

Arius cooperates with aviation authorities to efficiently manage aircrafts for ground and flight operations (including navigation issues, obtaining time-slots at airports and flight releases and parking permissions).

IS-BAO validation is almost completed. https://www.nbaa.org/admin/sms/is-bao/ We offer the best catering or restaurant services all over the world in cooperation with the top-class suppliers.

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Following the principle of transparency, Arius offers efficient tools for fleet management quality supervision to the owner.

Owner’s personal account allows to check the aircraft technical status and obtain the most detailed financial statement. You see what you pay for: well structured downflow, regular audit and transparent pricing.

For you safety and comfort your Arius personal manager is available 24/7. Arius professionals control all the procedures both in the sky and on the ground.