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Bombardier Challanger 300

Challenger 350 is an improved model of Bombardier Challenger 300. The main differences between Challenger 350 and its predecessor are most noticeable to the first people onboard – to the passengers. The passenger seats are completely redesigned ensuring the 180 degree rotation, freedom of communication or discussion of business matters; the cabin soundproofing system is improved; interactive entertainment system with a set of functions for every taste is installed. The optimal number of passengers that can travel on this aircraft is 8. Challenger 350 has a greater range than Challenger 300 thanks to its powerful modernized engines. Cruising speed is 870 km/h.

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8 passengers
Cabin length: 8.72 m
Cabin height: 1.86 m
Range: 5741km
High cruising speed: 870 km / h
Luggage amount: 3.00 m³
availability of multimedia systems
satellite communications
two working areas
main passenger cabin
service areas
Challenger 350 - Bombardier Challenger 350

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