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Bombardier Global 5000

Bombardier Global 5000 long-haul aircraft based on the GlobalExpress project. Global 5000 is designed to ensure maximum comfort delivery of passengers from one continent to another faster than any other aircraft. The passenger cabin is divided into three sections, two lavatories and a spacious kitchen. The armchairs located opposite each other fold out into sleepers. Comfortable silence during the flight is guaranteed by the built-in modern noise and vibration suppression systems. The dimensions of the passenger cabin of this aircraft are among the best in the long-haul class. The standard layout provides for the kitchen location in the nose area, just behind the front door. It is followed by a passenger cabin divided into two sections for 12-13 seats. Cruising speed is 907 km/h.

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Passengers: 12-13 passengers
Cabin length: 11.6 m
Cabin height: 1.91 m
Range: 8889 km
High cruising speed: 907 km / h
Luggage hold volume : 5.24 m³
availability of multimedia systems
satellite communications
two working areas
main passenger cabin
service areas
Global 5000 - Bombardier Global 5000

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