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Cessna Citation CJ2

The light aircraft for short flights. Aircrafts of this class are optimal for 2-4 hours travels. This model is based on Cessna Citation CJ1 design, but the main difference is the passenger cabin, which is increased by 20%. The aircraft has a high cruising speed, spacious passenger cabin, increased flight range, and advanced aviation technologies. The passenger cabin is equipped with adjustable reclining seats that roll inward towards the gangway to provide maximum seating space. The aircraft is designed for 6 passengers; the cruising speed is 759 km/h (471 mph.)

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6 passengers
Cabin length: 4.57 m
Cabin height: 1.46 m
Range: 2850 km
High cruising speed: 759 km / h
Luggage amount: 1.66 m³
availability of multimedia systems
satellite communications
two working areas
main passenger cabin
service areas
CJ2 - Cessna Citation CJ2

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