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Bombardier Challenger 850

Bombardier Challenger 850 long-haul business aircraft belongs to the category of large jets. It is the largest jet in the Challenger family. Challenger 850 has a cabin that is nearly the same size as ultra-long range aircrafts. The interior of the model is its most valuable asset which provides large space for work or rest, accommodating 14 passengers in exceptional comfort. Challenger 850 is an unreplaceable instrument for making business, comfort, reliability and technical capabilities of which ensure safe transcontinental flights for passengers who do not waste time in vain. The cruising speed is 819 km/h.

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14 passengers
Cabin length: 14.76 m
Cabin height: 1.85 m
Range: 5689km
High cruising speed: 819 km / h
Luggage amount: 5.7 m³
availability of multimedia systems
satellite communications
two working areas
main passenger cabin
service areas
challenger 850 - Bombardier Challenger 850
challenger 850 1 1 - Bombardier Challenger 850
challenger 850 2 1 - Bombardier Challenger 850
challenger 850 3 1 - Bombardier Challenger 850
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